DUI Defense in Howard County

To deter Maryland minors from underage drinking, lawmakers have enacted stiffer than ever penalties and enforce a zero-tolerance for underage drinking and driving. Even if the driver doesn’t appear to be impaired, DWI charges are filed if there is any alcohol (.01%) present in their body. I am Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law, and if you or your child has been charged with underage DWI, I encourage you to get in touch with a Baltimore DUI attorney at my firm so that the charges can be reviewed and your rights can be protected from the onset.

Isn’t it a fact that even though as parents we warn our children not to drink and drive, a teenager will still make bad choices, sometimes ending in an arrest? Unfortunately, the impact from a few moments of poor judgment can be severe and long-lasting. There is much at risk in underage DWI cases and you need to hire an attorney who can handle your child’s case with an extreme amount of care. My firm provides legal representation to underage drivers who have been arrested for DWI, and I strive to protect their rights in all possible ways. With 32 years of experience in all types of traffic offenses, I will not hesitate to use all of my resources to get you the best possible results in your case. Don’t place yourself at a higher risk; call as soon as possible to give yourself the best likelihood of beating the charges against you.

Penalties for Underage DWI

Drivers under age 21 who are found guilty lose their license for a year; if it happens again, their license is suspended for 2 years. Additionally, there are fines, community service, a criminal record and even jail. The offense must be listed on college applications which could affect admission; and if already in college, the student may be penalized by the school, including the inability to study courses such as education or pre-law. With all that is at stake, you need the services I can provide and have been providing for the past 32 years.