Attorney Richard Miller has over 32 years experience as a Maryland Sex Crime Defense lawyer successfully defending sex crime charges. He has the unusual understanding and experience of how cops and district attorneys establish and prosecute criminal charges. You require a lawyer who can provide you aggressive and strong legal representation. Richard Miller will take his aggressive style and put it to work for you.

CChild pornography cases are commonly given to federal district attorneys. If you face a federal Internet crime, you need a defense lawyer who is well versed in the rules, procedures and consequences of the federal court system.

Criminal sex offenses can be among the most serious of criminal charges. If convicted of a sex crime in Maryland, penalties can include jail time and permanent status as a registered sex offender.

Your choice of a criminal defense attorney can be critical to your success in court. If you’ve been accused of a sex crime, you still have rights.

An extensive and timely examination in your federal Web youngster pornography case might discover proof that can reduce proof and lead to a case termination. Charges may be dismissed if the search and seizure of your personal computer, camera, or cell phone were improper.