If you have been charged with driving under the influence (DUI) for the first time, you may face penalties that include:

Up to $1,000 in fines
Suspension of your drivers’ license
Assessment of points on your drivers’ license record
Up to 1 year in jail

If your DUI offense involved an aggravating factor, such as a serious accident or the transportation of a minor, then the penalties you face may be worsened. A positive outcome to your first offense DUI case may be one that involves Probation Before Judgment. In adhering to the terms of supervised probation (as ordered by the court), you may be able to avoid certain consequences that are brought about by a conviction. In fact, it is likely that in undergoing probation, you will avoid a conviction completely, which means that you can also avoid the conviction being reported on your driving record, points against your drivers’ license, and increased insurance premiums.

It is recommended that you contact a Baltimore DUI lawyer right away if you have been arrested for DUI for the first time, as your chances of a successful case result will be significantly diminished if you choose to represent yourself during your legal proceedings.

DUI Lawyer Serving Maryland

Richard S. Miller, Attorney at Law provides skilled DUI defense services for individuals throughout Howard County and Baltimore County. With over 30 years of experience practicing criminal defense, I understand the effort and strategies necessary to securing positive results on behalf of my clients. I also understand that it is important to be represented by an attorney that you are comfortable with. In defending you against your first DUI charges, I will be fully accessible throughout your legal proceedings, and will make it a priority to answer any questions or concerns that you might have.