Traffic Ticket for Driving Without LicenseIf you are charged with driving while your license is suspended or driving without a license, getting your driver’s license reinstated could keep you out of jail. Traffic Attorney Richard Miller will work to help you get it back.

The penalty for driving without a license in Maryland is a maximum of $500.00 and 60 days incarcerated or both. Attorney Richard Miller is an experienced Maryland traffic defense lawyer has handled thousands of Maryland driving without a license cases. When you are pulled over or arrested for driving without a license, it is important to know your rights and to consult with an attorney you can trust.

Because driving without a license carries the possibility of incarceration it is what is referred to as a “must appear” citation. That means that this citation cannot be disposed of just by paying a fine. A driver that receives a ticket for driving without a license must go to court to resolve their case.

There are many possible defenses to the charge of driving without a license. In Maryland, it is important to see a lawyer AS SOON AS POSSIBLE after receiving these charges, to fully protect your rights. Richard Miller has over 32 years of experience as a traffic defense lawyer and is the Maryland attorney you need on your side.