Traffic Ticket for Driving Without InsuranceIf you are charged with driving without insurance, getting your driver’s license reinstated could keep you out of jail. Traffic Attorney Richard Miller will work to help you get it back.

In Maryland, driving without the state’s minimum auto insurance can lead to driver’s license and vehicle registration suspension, as well as forfeiture of future registration until you are insured. If you’ve been charged with driving without a insurance or an uninsured driver it is best to get advice and retain an experienced Maryland traffic ticket lawyer for your uninsured driver case

Obtaining insurance or showing that you no longer have the vehicle is not an automatic dismissal of the case. The State of Maryland only has to prove that at the time of the stop, you knowingly drove the car uninsured. Therefore it is crucial to get an attorney involved as soon as possible. A skilled Maryland traffic lawyer can examine your situation and your driving history and develop an effective strategy to protect your record and driving privileges. Penalties for this offense can be severe, and I will fight to protect you every step of the way.