As an experienced DUI/DWI Defense Attorney, Richard Miller has experience disputing the Breathalyzer and field sobriety test results.

There are many ways to challenge evidence from the Breathalyzer and field sobriety tests. Richard Miller, a TOP DUI/DWI defense attorney, is able to effectively cross-examine the arresting officer’s testimony on the accuracy of the Breathalyzer’s and field sobriety tests.

During a drunk driving stop, police officers gather evidence that consists of a field sobriety test. Additionally the officers will observe the driver’s speech and the way the driver smelled, walked, etc. These observations are supposed to aid in the officer’s assessment that the person suspected of drunk driving was actually impaired. Recent studies have shown that field sobriety tests are not given uniformly or in strict compliance with the standardized training. An experienced DUI Lawyer may be able to prove that the field tests don’t have any reliability at all and no scientific basis exists for claiming the tests are valid. In addition, as an experienced DUI attorney, Richard Miller can dispute the officer’s assessment and may be able to prove that the officer was not trained in proper administration of field evaluations or that your response to the tests may have been due to a health or medical condition, not alcohol or drug use. Mr. Miller will attempt to obtain a pre-trial ruling that the field sobriety test and their alleged indication of impairment should be excluded from evidence.