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Assault Battery Attorney, Baltimore Lawyer, Richard Miller, will strongly safeguard you if you have been implicated in the criminal activity of assault or battery in Maryland

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Assault Battery Maryland

Under Maryland law, an “Assault” criminal offense can be any offense that is thought about assault, battery, or a mix of the two.

Assault charges in Maryland are a severe matter, with fines of approximately 25 years in prison. Assault charges in Maryland are categorized by degrees-for example, 2nd or very first degree.

Meaning of Battery and Assault

Triggering either physical injury or dedicating offending touching is thought about a criminal offense of battery. Any injury, even a swelling or cut might suffice to hold somebody responsible for battery.

The criminal offense of felony assault consists of an added felony criminal intent by the accused, such as assault with intent to rape, or assault with intent to eliminate.

1st Degree Assault

Under Maryland law, an individual is guilty of assault in the first degree if he/she triggers “major physical injury” to another individual.

“Severe physical injury” implies physical injury that: develops a considerable danger of death; or triggers drawn-out or long-term significant: disfigurement; loss of the function of any physical member or organ; or disability of the function of any physical member or organ.

2nd Degree Assault

Under Maryland law, someone is guilty as assault in the 2nd degree if he/she is discovered to have actually triggered “physical injury” to another individual.

Physical injury implies disability of physical condition, consisting of small injuries.

2nd degree assault likewise consists of putting an individual in affordable worry of impending physical damage.

Lawyer Richard Miller will certainly battle difficult to secure you from being founded guilty. We prepare every case as if it is going to trial due to the fact that this how we are able to get the finest result for you.